Man – Eirini Oikonomou

Men, if you want to become better lovers, know yourselves and don’t hold back in connection. There’s nothing to learn, don’t disperse your energy with different women, hurried and hungry. Satiate yourselves in connecting with yourselves alone. Only then go ready towards a woman with total passion, in fullness within.
Women see everything when you make love. We do not judge your sexual abilities, but we will be rejecting anything less than love. Consciously or not.

Don’t get caught in fear of what you look like as a man. We love you. Just know who you are. That’s all it takes to be the hero, the one, the perfect man.

Osho – Real Man

”A real man acts spontaneously.

If you ask him a question, your question gets a response, not a reaction.

He opens his heart to your question, exposes himself to your question, responds to it.”



The deep longing for a being-centered relationship, the aching for a passionately awakened partnership with our beloved, is our primary guide when it is openly felt & welcomed, providing incentive & inspiration for exploring places & patterns in ourselves that we otherwise would likely avoid or only superficially visit.
And it is into these places & patterns, these areas of darkness, pain, & heavy wounding, that we must go if we are to be truly ready for awakened monogamy. This is not some kind of romanticized shadow-work, but rather an odyssey that, asking everything of us, ripens us for a life big enough to include awakened monogamy.
~ Robert Augustus Masters


The Universe

” Of course, you chose your life. Your time and place of birth. Your parents. Your learnings and inclinations. Hair color, Height, your Savoir-faire (what you need to know).So, that now, on a stage of your own design, you have all you need, to become all you want”