Lao Tzu

”If you want to awaken

all of humanity,

then awaken

all of yourself


If you want to eliminate

the suffering in

the world, then

eliminate all that is dark

and negative in yourself


Truly, the greatest gift

you have to

give is that  of your

own self-transformation”



Soul Journey – Teresah Lynn

”Soul mates are comfortable with the other person´s values and beliefs, and they like the way the other person looks, feels, smells, sounds and tastes. They are not disgusted or embarrassed by each other´s actions or how their mate relates to others. There are no ominous feelings of dread lingering in their minds about one another”.

”Soul mates are equals. They do not consider themselves better or worse than the one they love. They have equal admiration, respect and care for one another, and they respect each other´s gifts, personality and lifestyle”.HoldMe


”Man can be divided into four parts. The first consists of action, what you do. The second consists of your saying, what you say. Then comes your thinking, what you constantly think. The fourth is your reality, your being. This is your center. Your center is surrounded by three circles: thinking,  saying and doing. Are you aware of what you are doing? Are you doing it consciously or just because others are doing it? Are you an imitator, just following the crowd like a sheep? Be a man/woman, don’t be a sheep! Don’t follow the crowd, be individual. Only then can you be a master.”