Loving another means…

A decision to committ

Being honest

To feel and be trustfull

Compassion for yourself and the other

Keeping promises

To feel joy and happiness for one anothers endevours

To respect each others personalities, even ones flaws.

It can mean additional things too, but for me, these are essential

What is most important to you?

Painting by @micce (Micce Rylander)

Rumi- Weary and consumed by longing…

Weary and consumed by longing,

I was caressed by my beloved last night.

My wounded Soul was set free,

when I tasted the sweetness of love.

My spirit was lifted at once.

I surrendered my life,

while overflowing with joy,

and my vision was filled with light.

Love said, “Don’t feel so hopeless,
my weary gloomy one,
for my generosity is beyond
forgetting those devoted to me.”

See how boundless Divine justice can be.
Behold my immeasurable kindness!
Love embraced my spirit,
all my doubts vanished at once.
A new glorious robe of honour
was placed on my shoulders.

Love offered me the power of new vision
and the transforming touch of Divine generosity
and placed the Chalice of eternal wine in my hand.