The ladder – Sultans poetry

What happened?

What is going on?

Suddenly I am in a deep black hole

Were is the ladder?

Can’t see it…

I need it to climb back to the light

To get back to love

What happened?

What is going on?

My body feels heavy

It does not want to rise from the bed

I have no energy in my veins or muscles

Am I sad? I am broken?

It’s so dark down here

Nothing makes sense anymore

Can’t think

What happened?

What is going on?

One moment I was so happy, so joyful

So full of expectations, full of love

Now it feels like something precious

It’s dying within me

Like something important is evaporating

Little by little from my heart?

From my soul?

From my body?

It’s this some kind of healing?


Will I rise stronger?

Or just more hurt and miserable?

Was this great love an illusion?

A lesson I had to learn?

A game to crack open my heart?

My angels, give me comfort, give me strength,

Help me!

Show me were the ladder is

I am so afraid of the dark…

Love ❤️ – Sultans Thoughts

When great love comes into your life, be aware that its a grace, a blessing from above.

Grace is nothing that one can control or own so that it lasts forever, even if you wish that with all of your heart.

Whether it consists or leaves you, feel blessed by the experience with that person, the happiness you have shared and do not forget that in your heart the love will remain.

Sultan Thoughts

När den stora kärleken kommer in i ditt liv så var medveten om att det är en nåd en ynnest.

Nåd är inget som man kan kontrollera eller äga så att den varar för evigt även om det är vad hjärtat mest önskar.

Vare sig den består eller lämnar dig, känn dig välsignad av upplevelsen med den människan, den lyckan ni delat och glöm inte att i ditt hjärta så finns alltid kärleken kvar.

Sultans Tankar